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, a home for history nuts.

Re-Cre-Animate is your chance to help re-create and re-animate history. As a member, you can use your knowledge and passion to improve these historical animations. Have an interest in a military unit? A battle? A place or a moment in time? Do you have a letter or testimonial from a relative to share? Join here and help bring history alive for generations to come.

This is still in beta- an arrogant way to say that it functions, but there remains much progress to come. Rather, I hope you will use it and give me feedback. Any change or addition you make here will be immediately visible in Geo-Animate's animations. In the coming weeks I will unveil an improved user-interface, more features, and more project pages. And still later you will find a discussion forum, an entry log, and other additions.

I want to hear your suggestions, so please send them along.

Know a nut? Please consider sharing this address.

Best, Erik